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Save Time

We simplify and speed up your cargo shipment from requisition to delivery. Our online freight marketplace is available wherever and whenever you need it, allowing for both planned and instant matches giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Save Money

Our goal is to create value and deliver measurable results for both cargo owners and transporters through fair and transparent market-based pricing.

Trusted Network

We are rapidly building a network of verified transporters across East Africa and beyond, to better allow for available suitable transporters and matching loads whenever and wherever they are needed.

Developed for Africa

Cargo Owners

Need a parcel or cargo delivered. It will only take ten minutes of your time

Request for Delivery

Specify the pickup and destination locations, your shipment type, size and weight together with any other necessary parameters.

Select Transporter

We help you find the transporter that caters best to your needs, from longer-term contracts to achieve the best cost-to-serve while maintaining service levels, or auction procurement for price sensitive loads or spot procurement, where time is of the essence. MyCargo can also work with you to customise a hybrid solution.

Competitive Pricing

Reduce administrative costs and capture best transport rates. Have Transporters compete for your loads and select the ones that best match your terms and specifications of your shipments.

Track & Pay for Delivery

Monitor your cargo status online or on your mobile. You will be alerted when the Transporter is on the way, see the driver location in real-time, and receive notifications once it has been delivered.

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Got extra room in your pickup, van, truck,fleet?

Make More Money

We help maximise your loads and increase cycle times, ensuring optimal asset utilisation and effective management of your fleet and drivers, particularly on the secondary leg.

Realtime Tracking and Alerts

Improved visibility of transport operations. Monitor your active trips from one place and receive exception alerts to allow you to react promptly.

Fleet Management

Make better decisions. Our system helps to optimize fleet assignment, routing and scheduling. Post trip reporting and analytics provides useful visibility into key performance areas for continuous improvement.

Secure Payments

Payments are secured in advance. Digital signatures are obtained once goods are delivered. Service provider is paid promptly upon delivery or per the terms of the contracts.

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  • Secure Payments
  • Realtime Tracking
  • Online Support
  • 24 hour Support
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Imge Description


Who do you really pay for your Green Grams? Sustainable Market-based Solutions Across the Agriculture Value Chain

In mid-June 2018, MYCARGO was in Kitui County to oversee the pick-up and delivery of green grams (also known as ndengu in Swahili), from newly established aggregation centers set up by the client that partnered directly with local farmer groups, mostly women, to support them from seed to harvest.

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house of procument
east african grain council

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